CR6 Pro
CR6 Pro
CR6 Pro
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Breathtaking. Inspiring. Revolutionary. Or just fantastic. Call it whatever you want. The new CR6 PRO is state of the art when it comes to e-mobility. After many years of development and cooperation with big players from all over the world an electric motorcycle has finally been created. It will definitely thrill you – without compromises, because charging is only needed after 142 kilometres of driving and even the performance does not come short at all. With an acceleration in only 6 sec from 0-60 km/h and a top speed of up to 110 km/h, this vehicle is revolutionary in every respect

110 Km/h
Max speed

142 Km
Range(at 45 Km/h with 75 Kg driver)

Net weight


The newly developed HORWIN electric motor combined with the mechanical 5-speed manual transmission is probably revolutionary in this performance class

Cooling System

CR6 Pro cooling system applies oil as a coolant to remove surplus heat from motor and gearbox, transferring heat to the oil then passing through a 
heatexchange radiator to extend the life of the oil, thereby extend the service life of the powertrain.


The CR6 Pro is equipped with a square wave controller which has the advantage of reliability, faster acceleration and energy saving. The high performance controller ensures the driver a consistent and superior riding experience.

The combination of ultra-light aluminum and forging technology is the key of high-strength frame. The excellent strength ensures the driving safety. 

What’s more, the reasonable balance of frame gravity guarantees the driving experience at high speed.

CR6 Pro

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