With her passion for an eco-approach to mobility, Evozone Moto was established by Shivani Sharma Duseja in January 2020. Its prime focus is to draw attention to the benefits of electric vehicles and help to combat the effects of Climate Change, by contributing to the creation of a Sustainable Future.

Later in 2020, EvozoneMoto registered the very first e-motorcycle brand for Commercial & Private use on the UAE highways. Each one of their electric bikes being used, on the roads and, in the deserts, are now making a positive difference to our environment.

EvozoneMoto has created its own impact to the global challenge in the ‘Race to Zero’. It has acted, while time allows! We are not the first generation to know that we are destroying our own planet – literally piece by piece. We are the last one with a real opportunity to make that positive change.


For the generations to follow us, we can help to save our genuine feelings of freedom and enjoy all that our planet can give us. Life is real. It is not virtual. If humans do nothing to slow climate change now, it could be cataclysmic. The ‘existential threat’ is with us all! We feel that we should give something back!


EvozoneMoto is being shaped into a highly focused operation, embracing sustainability in a world facing the global challenge. It represents the Future of e-Mobility and out of respect for our planet, it has adopted a fully ecological route towards reducing the carbon footprint.


EvozoneMoto supports the Dubai Green Initiative and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed's 2040 Master Plan to make Dubai become the Best City for Living, in the World. It is now expanding its e-mobility solutions from Dubai for the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

EvozoneMoto now provides new energy electric vehicles and services for an extending range of businesses and all consumers. It is active in the creation and development of its UAE electric vehicle hub, offering a wide selection of electric scooters, mopeds, bikes, motorcycles, MX motorcycles and electric two-wheelers for delivery solutions. As the first EV hub in the UAE, it has also selected the same approach for Commercial and Fleet vehicles.


EvozoneMoto, using the tag, ELECTRIC VEHICLE SOLUTIONS, is promoting its electric one-stop source, by importing carefully selected brands that represent the finest ranges of new energy vehicles for all users. It offers a full service. It does not just sell EVs in boxes! It already understands Bikes & Bikers. As such, it is able to advise and assist in the selection of new energy product arrivals. Supplementing this primary focus, EVM has also turned its attention to the use of organic, recycled products and apparel. ‘Intelligent’ is a common adjective being used to describe many of this new breed of vehicles. EvozoneMoto ‘intelligence - in – action’, will assist in reversing the current and willful pursuit of public ignorance.


  • By ‘pushing the envelope’ against Climate Change, we will help to build a more sustainable world. One in which our business colleagues, partners, our families and their children, will be able to survive, breathe fresh air, drink clean water and be free to exist & enjoy a life of fulfillment: especially, the freedom of the open road for all our biking communities.
  • Technological changes are developing rapidly in all areas, from AI to materials, agriculture, food, packaging, medicine – especially in medicine, where the impact of COVID has, to a great extent, encourage the developed nations to join together as ‘combatants’ against a mutual enemy. We embrace these advances.
  • To improve the growth of new energy and electric vehicles, by encouraging and developing Government relationships, incentives, implementations and to create the regional acceptance of EVs.
  • To speed the development of vital, related services, such as national Charging Points & Battery Swapping facilities for two-wheel vehicles.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of ecological thinking and make improvements to society's overall acceptance of EV’s within the Gulf regions.
  • To maintain and increase Global Action around the need to protect our environment.


  • To promote its continuation as the authoritative EV entity and become the Gulf’s most successful Electric Vehicle Solution provider
  • To encourage environmental thinking to become a way of life and help to improve the world’s condition
  • We cannot do this alone. Together, we will make a difference. Together we will create a better world today, for a clean & green tomorrow!


With Shivani Duseja’s passion for two wheels, she had already created DusejaMoto in 2008. She has led the company from the front: developing, adapting and growing it from the birth of this industry in the Middle East. She is responsible for the introduction of 8 new motorcycle brands to this market. Her company is now in its 14th year of operation in Central Dubai. Her ‘stance’ remains the same. The size of the company has changed. Today, it is host to a large and equally passionate community, providing the one-stop source for all genres of motorcyclists and their varied styles of bikes and biker interests. DusejaMoto has now sold, serviced and repaired over 50 brands of the World’s very best motorcycles.