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Evozone Moto is now providing new energy ELECTRIC vehicles and services for businesses and consumers. It is active in the creation and development of the UAE electric vehicle hub offering a wide selection of electric scooters, electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, electric commercial vehicles and electric two-wheelers for fleet solutions. The first EV hub in the UAE, we are taking the eco-friendly, sustainable GREEN WAY FORWARD for commercial and fleet vehicles – supplying the GCC and MENA regions. In support of the Dubai Green Initiative and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed's 2040 Master Plan to make Dubai the best City for living, in the world, Evozone Moto has already started the good work of introducing electric mobility solutions to Dubai and now the whole of the United Arab Emirates.


Evozone Moto is promoting its electric one-stop source, by importing carefully selected brands that represent the finest ranges of new energy vehicles for all users. We do not just sell EVs. Supplementing this primary focus, Evozone Moto has even turned its attention to the use of organic and recycled products and apparel.


Evozone Moto will make its own positive impact towards reduction of climate change.
We are not the first generation to know that we are gradually destroying our world. We are the last one with the one real opportunity to make a positive change. We’re acting before it’s too late. For the generations to follow, we can help to save that breath-taking feeling of freedom, voluptuous views and consistent coastlines.
Life is real – not virtual. We are committed to the creation of our Green Way Forward.


  • To improve the growth of new energy powered Electric vehcles, encourage government incentives, implementations and develop a regional acceptance of EVs.
  • To increase the awareness of the need to protect our environment. To speed the development of the vital, related services, such as National EV Charging Points.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of ecological thinking and make improvements to society's acceptance within the Gulf regions.


Promote Evozone Moto in its continuation as the authoritative EV entity and become the Gulf’s most successful Electric Vehicle Solution provider.


Driven by motorcycling passion, DusejaMoto was created by Shivani Duseja in 2008. She has led the company from the front: developing, adapting and growing it from the early stages of this industry in the Middle East. She is responsible for the introduction of 8 new motorcycle brands to this market.
From those small acorns, her company has spread its roots and it has become a flourishing tree of life’.
The company is now in its 13th year of operation from Central Dubai. The passion remains the same. The size has changed. Today, it hosts a large and passionate community, providing the one-stop source for all genres of motorcyclists and their varying styles of bikes and biking interests. DusejaMoto has sold, serviced and repaired over 40 brands of the World’s very best motorcycles.


With eyes set and focused on a ‘better tomorrow’, the natural step has been taken to build a new and highly relevant operation, embracing sustainability in a World of Climate Change & Global Ecological Disaster.
We proudly welcome you to Evozone Moto - The Green Way Forward.
Evozone Moto represents the Future of Mobility. Out of respect for our planet, we have adopted the ecological route towards reducing the carbon footprint. We cannot do this alone. Together, we will help to make a difference.
We are creating a better world today - for tomorrow!